History of Nigerian Defence Academy | NDA History

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About Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) | Things You Need To Know About NDA

Like we promised to give you all the necessary information you may need to know About NDA, The Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) is the Joint Services academy of the Nigerian Armed Forces, where cadets of the three services, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force train together before they go on to pre-commissioning training in their respective service academies. The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDAKaduna, is one of the first of two Military Universities in Nigeria

History of Nigerian Defence Academy | NDA History

According to Wikipedia, The Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) was established in February 1964 as a reformation of the British run Royal Military Forces Training College (RMFTC), which had been renamed the Nigerian Military Training College (NMTC) on independence. The military institution trains the officer corps of the Nigerian Army, Navy, and Air Force. The initial class was only 62 cadets, and trainers were mostly officers in the Indian Army. The NDA grew to an all Nigerian training staff only in 1978.

History of Nigerian Defence Academy | NDA History
History of Nigerian Defence Academy | NDA History
History of Nigerian Defence Academy | NDA History

In 1981 itself began bilateral training of foreign militaries. In 1985 the academy commenced offering undergraduate programs to Military Officers In Training and now also currently offers post-graduate studies both for Msc and Ph.D. for both military and civilian students alike. The central mission remains the training of young officer cadets in the 5 years (4years Navy and Air force) “Regular Combatant Course” in which cadets are groomed in Military, Academic and Character development to instill discipline and leadership skills according to global best practices, culminating in the award of a bachelor’s degree and presidential commissioning into the rank of second lieutenant for Army cadets or equivalent in the Navy and Air Force for respective cadets. Until 2011 this course used to be exclusively for males, the first set of female cadets commenced training in September 2011. As of 2019, its total cadet class is around 2500.

The current Commandant is Major General Sarham Jamilu.

About NDA Academic Activities

The NDA offers only a full-time, residential undergraduate program. Cadets are awarded a Baccalaureate degree (a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science or a “Bachelor of Technology” ) after 3 years of study. Cadets have a choice of two streams of study.
The Science stream offers studies in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science. The Humanities (Liberal Arts) stream offers studies in History, Economics, Political Science, Geography and Languages.
In both streams, academic studies are split into three categories.
  • In the Compulsory Course, cadets study English, Foreign Languages (Arabic, Chinese, French or Russian), Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, History, Political Science, Economics and Geography. Note that all cadets must take basic classes in all these subjects except Foreign Languages. Cadets then take advanced classes depending on their chosen stream.
  • The Foundation Course is mandatory and comprises Military Studies and General Studies. Subjects such as Military History, Military Geography, Weapons systems and Armaments, etc. are covered in Military Studies. Subjects such as Geopolitics, Human Rights, Laws of Armed Conflict and Environmental Sciencesare covered in General Studies.
  • The Optional Course focuses on subjects specific to the cadet’s chosen Service.
Cadets spend the first four semesters on the Compulsory Course and the Foundation Course. They take the Optional Course during the fifth and sixth semesters. They may transfer to other Service academies for the optional courses.

Training in NDA | NDA Training Pattern

All the cadets joining the NDA after their 10+2 Examination are trained in the Academy for three years culminating in graduation with BA/BSc or BCs (Computer Science) degree of Jawaharlal Nehru University. Apart from academic training they are also trained in outdoor skills, like Drill, PT and games.
The emphasis in NDA is on character building, esprit-de-corps, mental and physical robustness, leadership and a sense of keen observation.
NDA has an excellent infrastructure for all-round training of cadets and a vast array of facilities like spacious and well-maintained classrooms, well-equipped labs, two Olympic size swimming pools, a gymnasium, 32 football fields, 2 polo grounds, a cricket stadium and a number of squash and tennis courts.
The academic year is divided into two terms, viz. Spring (Jan. to May) and Autumn (July to Dec.). A cadet must undergo training for a total of six terms before graduating from the NDA.

Vision Statement of NDA

The vision of the NDA is to produce officers with broad-based training in both military and academic subjects designed to serve as a foundation for the future progressive development of officers of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Mission Statement of NDA

The mission of NDA is to provide each officer cadet with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to meet the requirements of a military officer through military,academic and character development.
Applicants to the NDA are selected via a written exam conducted by the UPSC, followed by extensive interviews covering general aptitude, psychological testing, team skills as well as physical and social skills, along with medical tests. Incoming classes are accepted twice a year for semesters starting in July and January. About 320,000 applicants sit for each written exam. Typically, about 9,000 of these are invited to interview. Applicants to join the Air Force also go through a Pilot Aptitude Battery Test. About 300-350 cadets are accepted to the academy each semester. About 66 cadets are accepted for the Air Force, 39 for the Navy and 195 for the Army.
Cadets who are accepted and successfully complete the program are sent to their respective training academies for one year of training before granting of commission: army cadets go to IMA at Dehradun, Air Force cadets to AFA at Dundigal, Hyderabad, and naval cadets to INA, Ezhimala, Kerala. A cadet can only decline a commission in case of a serious permanent medical condition caused during the program

Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Commandants

Below is the chronological list of NDA Commandants:

  • Brigadier M.R. Varma 1964–1969 (Indian national and 1st Commandant of the NDA)
  • Major General David Ejoor 1969–1971 (1st Nigerian Commandant)
  • Major General Adeyinka Adebayo 1971
  • Major General E.O. Ekpo March 1971 – February 1975
  • Brigadier Illiya Bisalla February 1975 – August 1975
  • Brigadier Gibson Jalo August 1975 – January 1978
  • Brigadier E.S. Armah January 1978 – July 1978
  • Brigadier Joseph Garba July 1978 – July 1979
  • Brigadier Zamani Lekwot July 1979 – 1982
  • Brigadier Abdullahi Shelleng 1982–
  • Major General Paul Tarfa 1984–1985
  • Major General Peter Adomokai 1986 – 1988
  • Lieutenant General Salihu Ibrahim 1988–1990
  • Lieutenant General Garba Duba 1990–1992
  • Lieutenant General Aliyu Mohammed Gusau 1992–1993
  • Lieutenant General Mohammed Balarabe Haladu 1993 – 1994
  • Air Vice Marshal Al-Amin Daggash 1994 – 1998
  • Major General Bashir Salihi Magashi 1998–1999
  • Major General Okon Edet Okon (2002-2003)
  • Major General Harris Dzarma (2006–2008)
  • Major General Mamuda Yerima (2008–2010)
  • Major General Emeka Onwuamaegbu 2010–2013
  • Major General Muhammad Inuwa Idris December 2013 – August 2015
  • Major General M.T. Ibrahim August 2015– October 2017
  • Major General A. Oyebade October 2017- till date

Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Official Website

Here is NDA Official Website ==>> http://www.nda.edu.ng/

Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Location

Afaka, Kaduna, Nigeria

Post Summary

Motto: Loyalty and valour

Type: Military academy

Established: 1964

Students ~3,500

Undergraduates Yes

Postgraduates Msc

Doctoral students Ph.D

Location Afaka, Kaduna, Nigeria

Website www.nda.edu.ng

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